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Rolf Müller

Save yourself the trouble of asking stupid questions. You could, ah. Get hurt.

Nobody wants that to happen, now do they.


((Character: Rolf Muller
Teacher or student? student
Personality: While foremost in adjectives to describe Rolf, one might utilise such gems as "huge," "fucking huge," or "Jesus Christ, so fucking huge," he's really a big sweetie. A very big sweetie. ...When he's not busying himself with practicing wrestling moves on questionably willing teammates or doing whatever it is skinheads do. So possibly not a sweetie at all. Hm.

Rolf's passions include the wrestling team, weightlifting competitions, JROTC, his part-time job sweeping up after the circus, and getting dragged places by his, um, "best friend," Nelly (and consequently, beating to a liquidy pulp anyone stupid enough to make a passing comment about his sexuality).

Rolf is rather shy and a boy of few words (although he speaks English much better than he lets on), and disguises the fact by acting like a hostile, glaring bastard. Or possibly he's actually just a hostile, glaring bastard who merely has his moments. Whatever the case, he sticks to Nelly most of the time and squirms in the increasingly social situations Nelly gets them into.

Also, he's a skinhead. Don't ask to see the tattoos.

Background: Moved from Germany to the US in middle school, and presumably only his transcript and God know anything about his life before then.

Anything else: His (few) friends jokingly(?) call him "HJ," short for Hitler Jugend. ...Because he's German? Haha? Um.

And Rolf would really rather you didn’t ask about Nelly's injuries. He’s a football player. You get hurt when you play football. What about the burns? That’s none of your business. Now could you please get back to your discussion of alternatives to democracy. *glare*))
aryans, benchpressing morethan yourmother, boxing, broken things, definitely women, esl, grievous bodily harm, gym, gymnastics, jrotc, locker room smells, male company, not thatfuckingpaperclip onmicrosoftword, pretendingnottospeakenglish inawkwardsituations, the circus, um...hot...women?, weight lifting, whatelsedoilikenelly?, wrestling, ww2